Seigneurie du Triton


Observation of fauna and birds at the outfitter

Bird watching is a fascinating universe that La Seigneurie du Triton invites you to discover. Come marvel at shimmering plumages, gracious take off and the flute-like sounds of our winged fauna. Observation of nature, fauna and mostly wild birds is at hand with the bird watching package from La Seigneurie du Triton. This activity lets you practice your bird watching skills on our territory with an experienced guide or by yourself for those of you more independent.

Wild bird watching in a unique territory

The features and the vastness of the natural domain of La Seigneurie du Triton make it a privileged place for bird watching. Many species of birds are there throughout the year because of its great habitats’ diversity. Mature trees, mixed forest, many lakes and a peat land are only a small sample of it all.

Birds from the boreal forest and from the peat land

More than having a peat land, the outfitter’s territory possesses certain elements of the boreal forest. One can thus observe the Canadian grouse, the gray jay, the white-winged crossbill, the boreal chickadee, etc. The cedar waxwing and the belted kingfisher are a few examples of the winged fauna diversity that is here.

Birds from the Laurentian forest

Part of the Maurician forest has the same characteristics as the Laurentian forest. Many birds live in it such as the ruffed grouse, the painted redstart and the thrush. Owls are all over the territory and quite often you can hear at night the barred owl or the great horned owl.

Birds from the wetlands

Scattered with lakes where some aging ones favour the creation of marshy areas, the domain La Seigneurie is host of numerous aquatic species of which the most renowned is the common loon. Ducks, herons, osprey and sometimes the bald eagle are also observed.

Nature and birds photography

The passionate nature photographers will find plenty to please their eyes in the immense observation territory of La Segneurie. Breath taking scenery, abundant wild fauna and a nice diversity of birds will make spectacular photos.

Bird watching with an experienced guide

La Seigneurie du Triton invites you to come and discover its territory’s assets for bird watching and fauna with an experienced bird watching guide that will know how to reveal nature’s secrets to you. You will also enjoy the quality of the welcome and the outstanding and renowned service of the Seigneurie’s team.

Ask for information right now! On your own or with a guide, the ornithological diversity is worth the observation.

Prices on request, minimum 6 people