Our vision

La Seigneurie du Triton is a family business with a passionate, motivated and skilled team. This outfitter is a forerunner and an innovator in its industry through the diversification of its outdoor activity offer and the development of its fishing territory with exclusive rights. It also succeeded in making the site productive, while keeping it as wild as possible and inaccessible by car.

One of its objectives is to offer all-inclusive packages at competitive prices while offering high-quality services. It has also managed to combine fishing and vacationing as well as regional and international tourism. La Seigneurie is recognized and very well-positioned on the international market.

The site is located in the Haute-Mauricie region, just 10 km from the Village du LacÉdouard, and is accessible by boat only. Whether you arrive by car, by bus or by train, the boat transfer restricts access to the site exclusively to the Le Triton clientele. You will then enjoy a calm and peaceful stay; a perfect reflection of the surrounding nature. You will discover warm, cozy and hospitable lodges, like our century-old Club House.

Discover our inviting dining room where foodies will be delighted. La Seigneurie’s dedicated team members will take care of you and guide you on trip back in time, making you feel like the American sportsmen of the good old days! Once you’re on the water and you pass the point, the last obstacle before La Seigneurie, you will be blown away by this enchanting site, which is all yours for the duration of your stay.

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