Gourmet menu

The table d’hôte menu is always included in the American plan, it is possible to feast on our fine gourmet menu specially designed by our chefs for an added fee. The gastronomic menu will make your mouth water and get your taste buds buzzing.

If our gourmet menu is for you, the price will be added to your room bill, all taxes are included in the listed price.

The menu is subject to seasonal change.

The gastronomic a la carte menu

Our gastronomic offers a more refined culinary experience and can be requested for an added fee

THE TARTARES | 15$ for a starter | 30$ for a main course

  • The fish: lingonberries, crème fraiche, tobiko and chives
  • The carnivore: shallots, homemade mustard and pickles
  • The duck: sofrito, homemade mustard and sea buckthorn


Our boards are served with all necessary, complementary sides and garnishes.

  • The meat: 100% homemade, assortment of 4 choices, homemade mustard and pickles
  • The Fish: 100% homemade, assortment of 4 choices
  • The cheese: an assortment of Quebec cheeses, fruits, nuts and croutons

The main dishes

THE ALEXANDER POUTINE: Fries, shallot & Triton beer gravy topped with Chefs choice of smoked goodies and cheese Perron of Québec: Small |12$  Large | 17$

THE FISH: Catch of the day with the Chef’s garnish  | 27$

THE MEAT: Butcher’s cut, Pont-neuf fries, Bordelaise sauce and compound butter| 25$

The desserts 

THE PARFAIT:  Honey parfait, crispy praline, burnt honey and creeping snowberry | 8$

TRITON CRUMBLE: Seasonal fruit, melilot cream and citrus | 8$

Gourmet Menu  | 70$

Sit back, relax and enjoy the flavours our chefs have to offer. Explore all our local and seasonal ingredients, this is a unique experience not to be missed!

Le Fin Gourmet supplément per person | 70$

Here is an example:

  • Soup of the day with garnish
  • Quail scotch eggs with green salad and homemade pickles
  • Deer filet on a sweet potato purée topped with sage butter sauce and roasted cauliflower florets
  • Quebec cheese platter
  • Strawberry sorbet
  • Pavlova served with fresh fruits, lime zest, cream cheese and crème Chantilly

A wine pairing is optional for an added | 30$

Many of these dishes can be designed to be suitable for vegetarians or people with gluten allergies upon request.

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