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Fishing in European plan

Enjoy the calm, the distance, the solitude and the revitalization. Our chalets in Mauricie are located on the outskirts of the main inn and spread over the territory of the Seigneurie du Triton biodiversity reserve. Once there, no need for your car, all trips to the trout fishing lakes are by motor boat and using the trails connecting each of our peaceful and beautiful fishing lakes.

Take advantage of the months of May and June to tease the fish well, in July, August and September, combine the passion for fishing with family vacations and let yourself be tempted by the various nautical activities, forest walks to discover the preserved nature as wild as possible.

Our fishing guides will be on the territory and the various lakes, they will be discreet, but always available if you want advice from our professionals. Customer service is our trademark in this family business and outfitter recognized in Quebec. The reputation of the Seigneurie du Triton is a guarantee in the fishing industry by its warm welcome, by its natural environment in the heart of the forest, by the quality of its equipment and fishing, as well as by the motivation and the professionalism of its team to make your stay a magical success.

The package includes

  • Accommodation in a rustic and charming chalet and bedding
  • In the chalets you will have access to running water, drinkable water, solar lighting, a functional kitchen with fridge (propane or solar) and gas stove
  • Arrival for the boat shuttle at 4pm and departure at the latest on the 11:30 boat
  • Noon meals at the Shore Lunch (except on the day of arrival and departure)
  • Guides present on the territory advising you on the best techniques and places conducive to fishing while letting you fish your way and independently
  • The right to fish from the first evening until the morning of the last day
  • Safety jackets
  • A boat with engine and gas
  • Preparation of fish (you need to bring them to the fish house)
  • Fish smoking
  • Preparation of fish to bring back and ice
Lodging in a rustic and charming chalet, bedding, drinkable water, lunch by our Chef on the grill (except the day of arrival and departure), boat, motor, gasoline, access to outdoor activities and equipments.  Brook trout fishing right from the first evening to the last morning.
Chalets Fishing
min 4 max 6
May 12 to June 18 and August 28 to September 24, 2026 : 260 $
June 19 to August 27, 2023 : 225 $
min 8 max 10
May 12 to June 18 and August 28 to September 24, 2026 : 260 $
June 19 to August 27, 2023 : 225 $
min 2 max 4
May 12 to June 18 and August 28 to September 24, 2026 : 260 $
June 19 to August 27, 2023 : 225 $
min 2 max 3 adultes ou 2 adultes et 2 enfants
May 12 to June 18 and August 28 to September 24, 2026 : 260 $
June 19 to August 27, 2023 : 225 $
min 2 max 5
May 12 to June 18 and August 28 to September 24, 2026 : 260 $
June 19 to August 27, 2023 : 225 $
Batiscan                              min 12 max 16 May 12 to June 18 and August 28 to September 24, 2026 : 260 $
June 19 to August 27, 2023 : 225 $

Price per night, per adult.

* Restrictions for the Trois-caribous chalet, since it is located further on our territory: minimum of 3 nights, and an additional fee of $ 300 is applicable, per stay (including assistance with the transfer of luggage to the portage trails, installation and explanations by the guide at the chalet).

A playground, playroom, toys, playpens and high chairs available on site, with babysitting upon request (at your own expense) and according to availability.
3 and under Free
4 to 13 years old 50 % discount
14 to 17 years old 30 % discount

To learn more on our chalets

The European fisherman’s package can be combined with accommodation in a chalet only and to find out more about each, follow the links:

  • Group of 6 to 10 people Chalet Biron is located on the south shore of Lac aux Biscuits (5 minutes by boat from the hostel and 5 minutes by walk, your luggage is transported on 4 wheels) and the Biron is located less than 2 minutes from the Shack chalet.
  • Group of 4 to 6 people Chalet Roosevelt is accessible by car and is located in a bay of Lac-à-la-Croix.
  • Group of 2 to 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children Chalet Shack is located on the bank of the rapid north of the Batiscan river (5 minutes by boat from the hostel and 1 minute walk, your luggage is transported on 4 wheels) and the Shack is located less than 2 minutes from chalet Biron.
  • Group of 2 to 4 people Chalet Pilote is located on the north shore of Lac aux Biscuits (5 minutes by boat from the hostel, 5 minutes by walk your luggage is transported on 4 wheels and another 5 minutes by boat).
  • Group of 2 to 5 people Chalet 3 Caribous is located on the Trois-Caribous lake, and accessible by seaplane or on trails & portages excursion lasting approximately 1 hour, certain supplements apply due to its distance.
  • Group of 12 to 16 people Chalet du Batiscan is located on the main site, less than 2 minutes walk from the main inn and all its amenities, it is accessible from the parking lot by our shuttle.

For a perfect stay

Several possibilities, with supplement, are available to you in order to satisfy your needs, they must be reserved in advance, according to availability:

  • Private guide for the day $250
  • Private guide for the half day $150
  • Arrival in the morning including access to the fishing territory and shore-lunch (the chalet may only be available from 4 p.m. or when you return from fishing) $65 per person
  • Ready-to-eat meal box for breakfast and dinner $80 per adult per day (reheating certain dishes will be your only task)
  • Private chef who comes to your chalet $300 per dinner and supplement of $105 per person for the 6-course gourmet menu
  • Evening meal at the inn $55 table d’hôte per adult or $105 per adult for the gourmet menu.  Since it will be dark after dinner, for your safety, if you wish a boat driver for your return to your chalet, a supplement of 55$ is available

TREAT YOURSELF with the 130th Triton Fish and Game Club anniversary Pack

A book on the history of the private clubs in Quebec, 2 Club Triton beers and bocks,  and 4 smoked trout, ideal for 2 persons at a cost of 130$ surcharge.

Taxes are not included and gratuity is at your own discretion.

For your safety and comfort

  • It’s your responsibility to wear your life jacket at all times during water activities.
  • Children must wear a life jacket that corresponds to their respective size and weight.
  • It’s your duty to keep children under parental supervision.
  • Swimming is at your own risk.
  • Campfires are permitted in designated areas,, except when the fire index is too high.
  • All cameras and electronic devices should be protected in waterproof cases. If you don’t have one, it’s best to leave your devices in your room. If you wish to bring them on a water excursion, you do so at your own risk. La Seigneurie du Triton cannot be held responsible for material damages in case of contact with water.
  • It’s important to wear proper footwear on paths with natural obstacles such as rocks, branches, roots, water holes and mud.
  • During the mosquito season, it’s preferable to wear long, light clothing and use insect repellent, preferably bought in Quebec for better efficiency.
  • You must be in possession of your valid Quebec fishing licence at all times (if needed, you can purchase one on site).
  • For any motorboat operator, the proper licence is required.
  • The government’s fishing quota must be respected: a daily limit of 10 brook trout (speckled trout), including caught and kept fish. Released fish are not considered within the catch limit, so ask our team to learn about the proper release methods. To meet this limit, a license holder must count the fish caught and kept by all people fishing under his or her licence. This limit also includes fish caught and consumed during the day.
  • The use of dead or living baitfish is prohibited on the Triton territory.
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