Cottage at lake Trois Caribous

A real log cottage in the forest, rustic and authentic

This charming log cottage has one room with 4 single beds. Its location far in the forest near a lake makes it a sought for place to recharge your batteries. Breathtaking wild scenery will fill you with wonder during your stay.

A cottage in the forest to fill up with nature and fresh air

Tranquillity and nature await you at your getaway log cottage near lake Trois Caribous with a European plan. Come admire the fauna and flora of Quebec along the hiking trails (with one 20 kilometres long). A rowboat on lake Trois Caribous and a canoe to explore the territory are included.

Fishing at the cottage on lake Trois Caribous

By getting the fishing package at the cottage on lake Trois Caribous with the European plan, you can fish on lake Trois Caribous and lake Foi with a boat, motor, gas, canoe and life jackets.


Access to the cottage at lake Trois Caribous

From La Seigneurie du Triton: Two 5-minute portages and two 20-minute portages with canoe crossings or motor boat crossings between each portage or by hydroplane (extra charges applicable and reservation required)

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